Ethnic Indian pure Tussar Silk Scarves

Tussar silk is produced from larvae of silkworms belonging to the moth genus Antheraea. It is considered more textured than cultivated Bombyx or "mulberry" silk. Tussar silk is valued for its rich texture & natural deep gold colour. Learn  more about silk production process, silk quality, care and health benefits from use of pure silk hereRead more about The Secret of Anti Aging Effect of Silk.

Many people are worried about the future of our planet. Handmade pure silk comes from a completely renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Silk is a natural protein fiber made of butterfly larvae as they spin their cocoons. The handmade processes used to make your handmade silk scarves have been passed through generations and have absolutely no negative impact on the environment. Silk is a material that is very agreeable with people who suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin. Here are 7 surprising benefits of silk.

Now you have the opportunity to be proud of being ECO-FRIENDLY by using handmade pure silk scarves from India that are also a fabulous accessory.

Enjoy the luxury of extremely cozy, feather-weight light, all-weather-use pure tussar silk scarf around your neck or use as beautiful religious head cover. It is very skin friendly too.

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