The Secret of Anti aging Silk


Silk is a small luxury, but it has big benefits. Silk can prevent the effects of aging, and relieve certain skin conditions. 

Silk is made up of two primary proteins; a fibrous protein known as fibroin, and a sticky protein known as sericin, with the two comprising 70–80% and 20–30% of silk, respectively. Both of these proteins provide the unique functionality of silk that makes silk clothes so unique and so popular, with the production of silk material dating back to as early as 3500 BC.  

Sericin has a high hydroxy amino acid content which is important for the water-binding capacity which regulates the skin´s moisture content. It also has a unique carbohydrate moiety and a unique repetitive amino acid sequence which give it a high affinity for bonding to adhering proteins resulting in a tightening, anti-wrinkle effect. In addition, because of its high molecular weight, it leaves a substantive semi-occlusive film that persists even after washing, and can increase the skins permeability.

Silk amino acid extracted from raw silk, is used as an additive in skin and hair care products due to its high levels of serine which has excellent moisture preservation characteristics. As a water-based additive it is used to provide a protective barrier and silky feel to lotions, soaps, personal lubricants, hair and skin care products.

Silk Amino Acid is one of the best at reducing fine lines and other signs of aging. Aside from the amazing texture of silk extracts, silk amino acids contain properties which allow it to rejuvenate skin tone, reduce wrinkles and hydrate your skin tissues to protect from free radicals.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and mold making it an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies.  Since silk is a natural fabric and does not require any chemical treatments, it's also great for people with skin sensitivities.  

Silk is also a natural temperature regulator, allowing it to keep you cool during all the night sweats. Silk at the same time self-adjusts to the wearer’s heat and humidity, as much as wool does, so it is very comfortable.